- I bought my product online is my warranty valid ?
Missiko, Folica, myhairstylingtools are the only authorized online reseller. Any product bought from any other online store will not be warranty. Corioliss will not replace products bought from an unauthorized reseller.

- How can I know if the product that I bought is a real Corioliss or a fake one?

If on the product or the packaging there is not written Corioliss, your product is not Corioliss.

- Is my product dual voltage?
If you see a plane icon on the back of the product's box, you can be sure that your product is dual voltage.
Another way to verify is to look at your product, if it is written 110-220/240V on it, your product is Dual Voltage.

- How can I clean my product?
To maintain optimum performance, it is recommended to periodically clean the plates to remove any styling residue.
It is preferable to use a damp cloth or baby wipe, gently wipe the surface of the plates to remove any residual build up.
Dry plates thoroughly before use.

- How long is my product guaranteed for?
As the manufacturer we offer a 1 year limited warranty on our products, from the date of purchase.
If your receipt or proof of purchase says more than 1 year please refer to the store you bought it from.
In case the store does not exist anymore, we can offer a paid replacement service for a flat $75 fee + shipping. This offer is ONLY valid for Corioliss Classics Irons.
In any case we need your receipt or proof of purchase.

- How do I claim on my warranty?
To claim on the guarantee you need to retain a copy or original proof of purchase.

- Is there any exclusion to the warranty?
The guarantee will not cover any fault caused through incorrect usage. We are unable to cover any fault caused by accidental damage. The guarantee is also void if any repair has been attempted by a third party. We are also unable to honor any guarantee where your product has been purchased from an unauthorized distributor; in this instance your consumer rights would lie with the point of sale.

- How can I return my product?
You can return us your product if it is still under the one year warranty and if you have the receipt or proof of purchase.
Please send us back the product with your full contact information to this address:

Corioliss America LLC,
701 4th Street, Suite 200,
Miami Beach FL, 33139.

You HAVE to join alongside with the product, your full contact information, the receipt or proof of purchase, a $14 check to Corioliss America LLC to cover the shipping cost if you are located in the US, as well as a note describing the problem with your product.
IIf there is missing any of these information, please be aware that your return will not be processed.
- How can I get a refund?
We can only issue a full refund within the 28 days from the date of your purchase and if you bought the product on www.corioliss.com .
The product must be returned the same way it has been sent that is to say new, unused with all the packages, booklet and accessories.

- How long will I be without my product if have to return it?
We operate a maximum 14 business days from the day we receive your item. We try our best to return your product as soon as possible.

- How can I contact you?
You can contact us by email: uscustomerservice@corioliss.com
You can also write us at: Corioliss America LLC, 701 4th Street, Suite 200, Miami Beach FL, 33139.

- How can I get my order’s tracking number?
After your order has been shipped, you will receive a confirmation email with the tracking number.
Please, if you do not receive it have a look at your junk emails.

- Where is my order?
To find out where is your order please go to www.ups.com and check the status of your package thanks to the tracking number provided in the status email.

- How long does it take to process my order?
Please allow up to 2 business day to process your order.

- How fast can you deliver my package?
For orders inside the USA, the standard ground delivery takes a 5-7 working days. For orders outside the USA, the delivery takes a 14 working days.